The Team

Reins Financial Group is a team of experienced financial service, legal and accounting professionals that together have developed products that allow individuals to take active and efficient control of their retirement dollars.  This means that if you wish to invest in alternative investments, for example, real estate, private placements, other private transactions, oil and gas partnerships, commodities, film distribution, mortgages, foreclosures and the like, or even in the acquisition of a business or a franchise, we can put you in position to do so with the ease of writing a check, without triggering early distribution penalties and income taxes.  

If you have an IRA or other retirement funds that have languished or underperformed, these products merit your serious consideration.  We do not manage money and are not promoting any particular investment; rather we want to put you in a position to make the investments you want to make.

Founded by B.J. Douek, Udi Laska and David Douek in 2008, and based in New York City, Reins Financial Group is changing the way Americans across the country are utilizing their retirement dollars.  Call us today to learn more: 347.291.1295.