What We Do

Reins IRA

  • To create your new IRA Account, we:
    • Complete your self-directed account application
    • Designate your beneficiaries
    • Complete your transfer authorization forms
      • We handle the rollover of funds from your existing IRA
      • We deal with the new custodian to get your funds into your hands
  • To create an LLC on behalf of your new IRA, we:
    • Prepare and file Articles of Organization in the state of your choosing
    • Prepare and file Federal Taxpayer Identification forms
    • Prepare an Operating Agreement for your IRA LLC
      • This document is tailored by RFG to suit your needs
      • This document outlines the purpose and uses of your LLC, as well as laying out the structure described above, allowing you to manage your IRA funds directly.
  • To fund your new IRA LLC, we:
    • Invest the rollover funds from your new IRA into the new LLC
    • Exchange these funds for member units in your new LLC
  • You are now free to take the reins of you retirement account and invest
RFG is always a resource and help to walk you through the rules and regulations provided by the IRS and Department of Labor